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Combination lathe JYP280V


Our top model Proficenter meet the highest requirements of precision mechanics, workshops etc. Drilling, milling and turning is achievable on smallest space. The machines combine many features, such as a big spindle bore and a digital display for drilling depth and speed. 

Electronic, stepless speed setting allows optimal adjustment to work piece 
Inductive hardened, polished machine bed features a large face 
Standard 26 mm spindle bore and 125mm 3-jaw chuck allows machining of shafts with a large diameter 
Big spindle 38mm and 160mm 3 jaw chuck can be optional if have special cutting requirements. 
DRO can be optional 
Manufactured according to strict quality regulations 
Tiltable mill head extends application area enormously 
Milling unit features digital display for spindle stroke and speed 
Top slide adjustable along the x-axis 
Right and left spindle rotation comes standard 
Hand wheel allows fine spindle feed when milling 

Standard accessories: 

3-jaw chuck DK11-125 mm (160mm chuck is optional) 
Flange 125 mm 
Drill chuck 1 - 13 mm / B 16 
Drill chuck arbor MT 2 / B 16 
Dead center 
Change gears 
4-way tool post holder 
Cross slide with upper support 
Digital spindle stroke indication 
Digital speed indication 
Drawbar M 10 
Chuck guard 
Leadscrew cover 
Splash guard 



Swing over bed

280 mm.

Swing over cross support

170 mm.

Distance between centers

700 mm.


180 mm.

Spindle hole of lathe

28 mm. (big spindle 38mm can be choose)

Spindle taper of lathe

MT 4  (big taper MT5 can be choose)

Speed range

50 to 2200 R / min. ( variable seed type)
125 to 2000R (6kinds)

Some metric threading capabilities

18 From 0.2 to 3.5 mm.

Threading capabilities of English

21 From 8 to 56 TPI.

The long-range supply

0.07 to 0, 20 mm.

Displacement of the support cone

80 mm.

Displacement of the lateral support               


Relocation of the long support

560 mm.

Tailstock sleeve taper

MT 2.

The quill stroke

80 mm.

Engine lathe


Drilling diameter

20 mm.

Free casing cutter capacity

63 mm.

Free end mill capacity

20 mm.

Spindle stroke

50 mm.

Spindle taper

MT 3.

Speed range

50 to 2250 Infinitely adjustable.

Engine power

800 Watt.


270 kg.

Packing Dimensions