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In batch processing of the same specifications of cylindrical gears, the central distance between worktable and hob should be precisely adjusted. After finishing first gear ,move knob 17(see figure 3), so that the worktable exit driven by the rapid rolling cylinder, remove the processed gear, load gear embryo, revert the tool head to the original position with fast axial motor, move the knob 17, move the worktable forward driven by the hydraulic rapid cylinder. At this moment, the worktable return precisely to position of cutting the first gear, then the second gear can be cut. So when process gears of same specifications, adjust the machine precisely only when cut the first gear. Only when the machine tool wear to influence precision, the center distance between worktable and hob should be adjusted once again.
  • Y31125E

Product Description



Maximum hobbing module


12 mm

Cast iron

16 mm

Maximum workpiece diameter when processing straight tooth

With rear column

1000 mm

Without rear column

1250 mm

Maximum workpiece width when processing straight tooth gear (width between centre≥200)

450 mm

Maximum travel of tool post slide

470 mm

Distance between cutter axis and work table


690 mm


220 mm

Distance between axis of cutter and work table


750 mm


100 mm

Spindle hole

Morse 6

Maximum dimension of cutter


260 mm


300 mm

Diameter of changeable hobbing centre axis

27, 32, 40, 50 mm

Maximum axial movement of cutter

100 mm

Maximum loading capacity of work table

3 tons

Diameter of work table

1000 mm

Pore diameter of work table

220 mm

Taper bore of workpiece mandrel

Morse 6

Degree of spindle rotation

Class 7

Rotary range of spindle

16-125 r/m

Degree of vertical feed rate

Class 8

Range of vertical feed rate

0.39-4.39 mm/ work table rotation

Vertical rapid moving speed of sliding carriage

0.525 m/min

Vertical manual rotation speed of sliding carriage

0.63 mm/r

 Rapid moving speed of work table

0.47 m/min

Accuracy of radial manual federate of work table

0.02 mm

Power and rated speed of main motor

N=11 Kw 1440 r/m

Power and rated speed of rapid motor

N=3 Kw  1420 r/m

Power and rated speed of rapid motor of work table

N=1.5 Kw  940 r/m

Power and rated speed of motor of hydraulic oil pump

N=1.5 Kw  940 r/m

Power and rated speed of motor of cooling pump

N=0.4 Kw  2800 r/m

Machine overall dimension (length×width×height)

3750×2040×2500 mm

Machine weight


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