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3M9735A×130 3M9735A×150

The machine is mainly used for grinding and milling the connecting surface between cylinder body and cylinder cover of every engine (of automobiles, tractors, tanks and ships). Because of the engine be used for long, the connecting surface of cylinder body and cylinder cover would transmute and the engine will working off normal. Working accuracy can be achieved that the connecting surface of cylinder body and cylinder cover be ground or milled. The machine can also grinding the surface of other parts if the electromagnetic chuck be equipped.
1.The machine adopt (1400/700r/min) two-speed motor 1400r/min be used to grind the surface of cylinder body or cylinder cover, which be made by cast-iron material. And 700r/min be used to milled the surface which be made by aluminium material. Emery wheel feeding is manual. Emery wheel feed 0.02mm during hand wheel rotate 1 lattice. Pulley adopt with unloading to make the main spindle only usutain twisting moment.
  • 3M9735A×130 3M9735A×150

Product Description




Working table size


1500×500 mm

Max. length of grinding

1300 mm

1500 mm

Max. width of grinding

350 mm

350 mm

Max height of grinding

600 mm

600 mm

Vertical moving distance of grinding head

120 mm

120 mm

Transverse moving speed of working table

40-900 mm/min

30-900 mm/min

Grinding wheel disk diameter

360 mm

360 mm

Spindle speed

1400/700 r/min

1400/700 r/min

Electric motor power cooling down

0.4 Kw

0.4 Kw

Power of the main motor

1.5/2.4 kw


Overall dimensions(L×W×H)

2650×1050×2100 mm

2800×1050×2100 mm

Packing dimensions(L×W×H)

2980×1150×2200 mm

3200×1150×2280 mm

N.W. / G.W.

2800 / 3100 kg

3000 / 3300 kg

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